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Woman Loves Woman

Woman Loves Woman
Yesterday we were discussing to post some clips from the movies about woman loves woman, we were gazing at the scenes most appropriate for the section. But before we were able to manage those scenes we suddenly noticed this very picture. And we were ah! Who is she?. Imagination took a long time to understand this picture exactly. It is certainly not woman love woman.

Therefore we are putting this picture at Celebrity Alike to make you realize that imagination has its own way. We were looking for woman love woman and our imagination was almost captured by the idea of those scenes and when we watched this picture we suddenly realized the power of identification.  By the way she is Halle Berry officially 46 year old mom but not visually indeed because she is fit enough, there are some other pictures of Halle Berry having bikini fun showing her taunt tummy and lean legs. Well imagine the above picture like us you’ll enjoy otherwise you’ll disappointed because you were wondering for some intimate hang on.


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