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What Kim is Doing?

What Kim is Doing?
Kim Kardashian back again drew the attention of the cameras by her appearance, and this time it is not about her big butts or sexy breast out of her cloths, but with the new color of her hair.┬áThe TV star left puzzled his Twitter followers after comment on your social network: “Guess what I’m doing,” the statement accompanying a picture of a lock of blond hair.

Believe it or not Kim is no longer the sexy brunette who loved more than a gentleman, a blonde became a spectacular. The diva has not fully revealed her image and her fans can no longer endure the anxiety to see her with her new look, is it that Kanye likes changing the Kardashian? After reading the whole story we understand what Kim is doing, otherwise we were thinking it again about shooting a new porn video this time with Kyane West.

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