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Was Kristen Stewart Pregnant

Was Kristen Stewart Pregnant
Every day a new gossip hits like a punch whenever you surf Internet, and most of them revolve around Kristen Stewart and her Famous cheat play with Robert. The story is getting intense every day, and all sympathies are traveling towards Robert. Who has been cheated by the famous lady Kristen Stewart? The news spread like a wildfire only couple of days ago, that Robert and Kristen was planning for a baby when Kristen changed her way by entering in the territory of a third person called Rupert Sanders. And the media has got a perfect material for a love story, there is a heroin cheated her loyal boyfriend and seduced a man not only older than her but also the father of 3.

We also are covering the story since the first day it started, criticizing Kristen and Sympathizing with Robert. And today a new twist has taken birth and has become already viral in the Media, and that is Kristen Stewart was pregnant with Robert. What! Was Kristen Stewart Pregnant and she cheated having an idea of all this, no not at all. This may be your first reaction as well. But what we think, people out there should avoid encouraging the demonic personification of Kristen Stewart and to throw extra Sympathy towards Robert Pannisten. We love them, and we want both of them to be happy in their lives and want to see them back again and have a baby together if the desired to have one.


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