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Victoria Beckham Returned to stage

Yesterday Spice Girls special concert ends the London Olympics. We witnessed a power house performance by Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham Returned to stage as well, standing on the roofs of the cars force everyone present there or sitting on their TV’s, to either sit still with the open mounth and watch them or dance with them. Well one cannot expect Victoria to come back to stage after becoming a fashion designer, but she has again showed unprecedented and unimaginable energy and enthusiasm on stage. Wearing a black dress legs can be seen in the picture below.

Beside her, there was of course the other Spice Girls, just as canon. Geri Halliwell was maddening in her red dress and Mel B was looking top sexy in her Zuhair Murad combi glitter. Emma Bunton, simply spotted in adorable pink dress Barbie and Mel C by combining white were obviously no exception. Some pictures of the Return of Victoria Beckham with Spice Girl rocks the London.
Spice Girls Olympics
Victoria Beckham Returned On Stage
Spice Girls Olympics
Return of Victoria Beckham

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