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Uncontrollable Sexual Desire of Kim Kardashian

Sexual Desire Of Kim Kardashian

Kris Jenner, matriarch of the clan Kardashian, was heavily criticized after her daughter have been recognized on the pill from age 15 on her recommendation. Given the ongoing attacks by the press, Kris insists she made the best decision possible given the strong sexual desire that Kim planned from a young age.
The first thing we did was go to the doctor’s office when Kim had just turned 15, an age in which you discuss sex with your daughter and advise her to take responsibility . That’s basically what I did and I think is right, “she said in the radio program the Kyle and Jackie O Show, the United States.
Kris accused of exhibiting their daughters
“Earlier, she had shared with me his uncontrollable sexual desire and told me she felt that this side of her life was already waking up. We went running to the doctor, not just anybody, but I helped give birth to my four grown children. Trusted him and said, ‘Make sure that my daughter is protected and secure.

Kris small children, Kylie and Kendall are currently facing a difficult adolescence, but her mother did not think it’s necessary to take with them the same measures as with Kim. She they are much more immature than Kim at the time, so hopefully not having to face a similar situation in the future. Well what do you think  it was uncontrollable sexual desire of Kim Kardashian or it was the exploitation by her mother in the age of 15?

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