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Too Many Beautiful Legs Together:Miss Italy 2012

19 year old of Mazara del Vallo Giusy Buscemi (curly hair, green eyes, one meter in height and 75) won the competition of female beauty most popular and beloved of Italy: Miss Italy 2012. The young Sicilian with the number 45, former Miss Wella Professionals Sicily, was crowned during the live show on RAI by the president of the jury, actor Beppe Fiorello. She is the ninth in the history of the Sicilian miss beauty pageant female most loved by Italians. The Buscemi eagerly awaiting the results of medical tests and is very passionate about dance and film. Her dream is to become an actress. In second place was ranked the Pescara Romina Pierdomenico and the third the Roman Claudia Tosoni. Here are some pictures of Miss Italy competition 2012, what is most noteworthy thing and eye catchy one in the first pictures is too many beautiful legs together of the contenders.
Too Many Beautiful Legs Together
Miss Italy 2012
Mazara del Vallo Giusy Buscemi

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