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Tom and Sofia, Sofia The Next Mrs Cruise

Tom Cruise Next Wife Sofia

Tom Cruise in the process of divorce from Katie Holmes, after she requested separation after five years of marriage. However, now that the fairytale has come to an end, Andrew Morton, author of ‘Tom Cruise: the authorized biography, “says the actor had his eye on the Colombian before deciding to marry the star of” Dawson grows’.
According to author, Tom was captivated by the beauty of Sofia during the filming of ‘Four Brothers’, so we have tried to assess to Sofia as a possible wife after meeting her.
Following their first meeting, both would become a party to agree upon the “scar hosted by Will Smith and his wife, also followers of Scientology. Since then, the artist broke into details with the star of ‘Modern Family’ , although this would have run away from him because he was afraid the cult of which is devoted to the actor, despite the rise that this marriage would have contributed to his career.
“She met her children, there is no doubt that he was testing it for the role of his wife. If she had wanted, he would become the next Mrs. Cruise. He wanted to marry her. But she was terrified with Scientology . she believed that God would send to hell if she joined him. Well see who would be the next Mrs Cruise, and Tom and Sofia gossip is just a rumor or a reality.


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