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Snooki unborn baby is riding the stroller

It seems that Jersey Shore star Snooki is getting ready to become mom soon and she has started practicing it. Snooki unborn baby is riding the stroller may be the best fit caption for this picture below. As everyone knows, a baby needs fresh air, leaving the house from time to time and Snooki decided to practice using the stroller carrying her unborn child for multiple purchases. Considering that all items ...

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Celebrity Fashion Statment, Snooki High Heels in Pregnancy

High Heels in pregnancy may be a new trend in Hollywood. Stars are definitely doing it to pretend, they are not several months pregnant. Snooki has been caught in pair brown high heel shoes. Jersey Shore star was wearing tiger skin print dress. We think she was trying to cover her baby bump under the tiger print.  Well whatever the reason was Snooki pregnant fashion statement is registered. But snooki be ca ...

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