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Lady Gaga Transparent Tights At LAX

Lady Gaga continues to show the world her crazy side. Lady Gaga at LAX spotted while she was wearing little more than sheer tight with heeled boots, escorted by her bodyguards. She also raised her middle finger towards the Paparazzi waiting for her outside Lon Angles Airport. Truly speaking Lady Gaga Transparent tights  left little to describe in words. Therefore I am leaving all for you to decide by gazing ...

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Lady Gaga Head Injury: Sharing Her Condition to Her Fans on Twitter

After the incident Sunday night at a show in New Zealand, where she got a metal bar on the head, Lady Gaga wanted to share her condition to her fans on Twitter, having suffered from a slight concussion; Gaga was nevertheless preceded to her show. Twitter, the singer has entrusted to her fans by saying she had taken a lot of rest. @ ladygaga: "Emerging from hours of sleep. Still remiss if I should go outside ...

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