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Lady Gaga Nude Body On Sofa

Lady Gaga has published a photo of her naked on her social network Little Monsters. It looks like she is going to promote her social network by using this way, publishing her naked picture may be taken from her day to day life. The way she is going fans can soon expect to enter in Lady Gaga’s bathroom through her camera. At first glance, it was REALLY like seeing the intimate parts of the ...

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Skin And Fashion, Do you remember?

  Well in Hollywood showing your skin in different styles is considered the best showcase of fashion and style. I was not talking about the bikini bodies of celebrities, who are allegedly captured by paparazzi on some beach. I am talking about the straight away show of skin but with style. Here is one instance that I am posting for you do you remember that very incident took place a year ago in Landon, ...

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