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Kristen Stewart Bad Girl

Kristen Stewart bad girl that is what we think the suitable title is for that article. If we were watching some emotional drama or family movie, Kristen Stewart must be awarded with the same title in middle of the drama.  A girl who has cheated her boyfriend also seduced another man who already has children and wife. After the statement of Rupert brother in law we are unable to interpret Kristen Stewart pos ...

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Kristen Stewart Sex with Rupert

The news of Kristen Stewart and Rupert intimate kissing picture spread like a wild fire in the Media. And we all have seen those alleged picture which later on accepted by Kristen Stewart as real after her confession of having an affair with Rupert. She apologized publically to her boyfriend Robert after the incident being divested after the event left the house shared by him and Kristen. Well after all thi ...

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Kristen Stewart Adultery, Robert Left Home Shared With Kristen

After the release of the picture of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders rumors of Kristen Stewart Adultery spread like wild fire in the Media. And finally after the picture that has revealed the facts to a large extent, Kristen confessed her relationship with Rupert Sanders, confirmed it and apologized it in this way in her own words. "I'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused to those clos ...

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