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Perfect Bride for Kyane West

Still on a photo shoot, Kim Kardashian proves that it can also imitate the greatest when she poses for a photographer. Proof with this new shoot inspired by Diana Ross! Kim Kardashian certainly has not done much at the top of her 31 years. Besides showing her ass on TV and in magazines, and manage her image as professional, you cannot see other talents. But when you discover this new series of photos that b ...

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Time To Sew The Split Back Dress of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian appears wearing a leather dress for a talk show. Size 4 booty was too big with the split in dress back. She tweeted about her split back dress. About to do Jimmy Kimmer & my whole dress rips! Help! Time to sew me in.Praying this works! Later she added, “Getting my dress sewn up! I think we can make it work.   ...

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