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Celebrity Skin: Britney Spears Eyebrows

Here is Britney Spears new look,  Since the singer released a photo of her in a bikini on hes Twitter account last week, EVERYONE goes crazy on her new shape more than perfect! Sexy? Is that really Britney without any photo shop effects. Well Britney is near to gain again her perfect shape of body which has been missing long ago. Here is why Britney Twitted about the picture on twitter. @ britneyspears: Get ...

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Megan Fox Skin

Celebrity Skin  That’s what happens when you are going through from your teen ages. Acne, spots, pustules and other such skin problems occur very often. Even the huge Hollywood stars with lot of glamour around, cannot save themselves from these skin problems. But sometimes these miner defects remain hidden due to the excellent photography, makeup, and camera and sometimes even photo shop works. Today’s star ...

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Whitney Port Bikini Weekend

Whitney Port is an American celebrity known for her participation in two reality shows: The Hills, which she shared with Lauren Conrad roles and the City, where she is the star main being both issued by the music channel MTV. Recently famous celebrity caught in Bikini showing off her skin. She was spending her weekend on the beaches of Miami when she was spotted. Take a look, launch the gallery to watch mor ...

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