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Sunny Leone Penthouse Magazine

Yesterday we put two articles about the hottest girl Sunny Leone, who belonged to porn industry before starting her career as mainstream Indian actress. After watching her movie, we searched more about what non pornographic material is available on internet regarding Sunny Leone. And time and time again we were directed to watch Big Boss Show; I even watched some of the clips from Big Boss. We are also sharing one clip from the reality TV show that we liked the most. And may be that particular dance around the pole has become her chance in Bollywood.

When we were surfing we also find two old pictures of Sunny Leone. Both were titled for Penthouse Magazine.  The magazine deals with soft core pornographic material, Nudity, Politics and other things to ogle. We found Sunny Leone on Penthouse cover and us investigated and also included it in yesterday’s article about Sunny Leone biography. Today we are revealing her old pictures on the magazine, when she was even more young and attractive. Here is Sunny Leone Penthouse Magazine.  Enjoy……
Sunny Leone Penthouse


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