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Style of 26 Year Pregnant lady Megan Fox

Megan Fox Celebrates Green Birth Day
Megan fox finally has started wearing the dressed fit to manage her swallowed belly. Megan Fox baby bump is growing but the lady introduced her own style statement after wearing a flowing dress. She was walking in the streets of Los Angeles with her husband, and was looking stunning with even after being pregnant and fatty. There were one more think is noticeable about Megan Fox and that was her shoes, although they are high but not slim and high heel like Snooki, who was almost fallen after wearing those high heels. I personally liked the chemistry between the couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green.

Megan Fox was actually came out to celebrate the 39th birth day of her husband Brian Austin Green, who is almost 13 year older than 26 year pregnant lady Megan Fox. Here are some pictures to showcase the style of Megan Fox in Pregnancy.
Megan Fox n Flowing Dress
Megan Fox Baby Bump in Black

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