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Snooki Breastfeed Machine

Snooki Breastfeed Machine
The tiny Snooki is notably pregnant, and will be the mother in September. Despite the fact that many mothers feel that breastfeeding is a link that connects them with their babies,  Snooki  says that she will not breastfeed her child.

‘It looks so painful, but I definitely want to remove it (breast milk) has the best nutrients for the baby, “said Snooki. That means that in spite of not breastfeeding, the reality star will extract milk with a machine and puts it in a bottle and then give it to her baby.

On the other hand, Snooki and Jionni Lavalle already have in mind the name of their future child. The star of Jersey Shore said his little boy named Lorenzo. Well after listening to all that gossip i quickly realize that Snooki breastfeed machine may be the best fitting title for the post.

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