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She Still loves Robert

She Still Loves Robert
Apparently, nothing went right in the life of Kristen Stewart since her adventure with Rupert Sanders. She lost her contracts and completely ignored in interviews by Robert Pattinson related to his promotion of the film Cosmopolis. Moreover the sympathies of media and fans as well are more towards Robert who is they think is the worst effected case in this whole episode of trilogy. But we don’t think what the all emotional fans of Robert and Kristen thought right after her kissing picture with Rupert Sanders. This clears very much that although Kristen Stewart has done something that hurts her fans and Robert the love of her life, but she still keeping Robert close to her heart. If not heart then certainly close to her head, maybe she is sending message that she still loves Robert and love to wear the things belong to him, his black pack and Orange Orioles Baseball cap.

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