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Shaved Head of Lady Gaga

Shaved Head of Lady Gaga
Another star who has shaved her hair and another weird act by Lady Gaga but not a big surprise as Lady Gaga keeps doing weird things.  Not forgetting some days earlier she shows her jumping boobs on web camera to her fans, also you can remember her sitting all nude at sofa and not but not the least her transparent pants which showed her butts to all at Los Angeles Air Port.

The Mother Monster does not like everyone else and loves messing around with her looks. But she has taken a new step in with his more eccentric look. While last month she changed color to wear a brown Louis Vuitton, it is once again changing haircut. But not pink or blue hair this time, Gaga decided to shave the back of the head. Take a look at the shaved head of Lady Gaga.

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