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Sexual Fantasy of Two Little Guys and Italian Ladies

Talking about the stories of two guys obsessed with the sexual appearance of two ladies. Don’t think too much, you too familiar with these two stories and many from us obsessed to see these ladies completely undress. As in one story one lady commit to the little guy to go completely undress for him to satisfy his sexual fantasy about her. Well obviously the ladies we are talking about are, Laura Antonelli and Monica Bellucci. And the stories are Malizia and Malena. There are several similarities in the movies and the biggest is, both deal with smaller guys caught in the obsession of older ladies. And also one more thing both guys wants to find their way in through the legs, as both astonish to see legs of Monica Bellucci and legs Laura Antonelli, we have selected two screen shorts from the movies, yes the think alike about the legs.

Highly recommended movies for those who love to see sexual fantasies or the characters sexually obsessed. The two little guys work beautifully in both movies. We must appreciate the people who has carved the nitty gritty of stories and scenes especially those which are filled with sexual impulses. Laura Antonelli and Monica Bellucci personified as symbol of sexual desire for these two little guys and they both justified their characters. If you are obsessed with the sexual fantasy of someone older than you don’t waste time your story is waiting for you. Go and watch these movies and tell us how much you like these movies.

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