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Second Recording of Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

2nd Recording of Kim Sex Tape
Second recording of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J have been put up for sale for more than $30 million. This new tape could contain pictures sexier than those seen in the first video that was leaked to the couple in 2007, and was released on DVD under the title of `Kim Kardashian: Superstar ‘.
“There is no doubt that the girl in the video is Kim. It is even more obscene than the last. Truly amazing moments there,” said a source to the Daily Star newspaper
Kim might be terrified that the new video will be available on the network because she wants to avoid anything that may cause problems in the relationship with her partner, rapper Kanye West, who plans to marry: “Kim fears it will hurt her relationship with Kanye West, “said the source.
Meanwhile, Kanye also was embroiled in his own sex scandal last September, when there appeared a 20-minute tape that would be having sex with a girl that looks very similar to Kim.

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