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Robert And Kristen Dream to Become Parents

Robert And Kristen Child
What has broken with the famous picture of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders Kissing in the car? Not only the relationship of famous couple, who were loved by thousands of fans but also the Robert and Kristen Dream to Become parents.

The 22 year old actress and actor, 26, who have been partners for four years, had been raised to have a child before they broke the news of Kristen’s infidelity with the director of ‘Snow White and the legend of the hunter’, Rupert Sanders.

“They had been talking about having a child after the series finished filming ‘Twilight’ and that’s what makes this story more painful. The issue of parenting had been the focus of their talks in recent months. Rob would have been a wonderful father and a son would have done better as a couple more, “said a source close.

Although Kristen and Rob have not issued any statement on the future of their relationship, actress fears that there is no turning back and that their dream of becoming parents together is over. The most painful part of the story.

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