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Rihanna totally nude twitter picture

Rihanna Twitter Nude
The second courageous celebrity after Lady Gaga nude shooting is Rihanna.  Lady Gaga covered herself with tiny man like Gulliver in Lilliput. But today’s story is different. It is Rihanna who has been keenly showing her bikini body throughout the past week has finally revealed the whole magic. On her twitter account she has uploaded her nude picture. The princess of Barbados Rihanna totally nude twitter picture well you won’t believe but something going in the mind of Rihanna. Not forgetting the party Rihanna has arranged for the people in New York streets when she picked a see through bra for herself, then there has been a hot party on the yacht throughout the past week and now a nude picture just covered with foil. It may be the new trend to cover your skin sometime with tiny men and sometimes with foil. Enjoy……

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