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Rihanna Topless GQ Cover

Rihanna Topless GQ
Rihanna who was spotted sitting topless with Kate Moss recently in a photo shoot revealed her skin again for GQ. Rihanna has done the cover of GQ December edition in a small leather coat, leaving the hobby for the whole world to admire her new tattoos. Picture above is more sizzling where Rihanna has almost rubbed her breast with the lucky brown not Chris Brown by the way Sofa is brown as well. Rihanna likes to feel like a woman that is what she said after posting nude same kind of expression has been portrayed by Karia Knightely after posting topless in Allure magazine.

“I like to feel like a woman. I need to control every aspect of my life, so in a relationship, I go back and I need another take control. Love takes you to places you never set foot if it was not exactly in love. ‘ here is Rihanna Topless GQ Cover.

Rihanna Topless GQ

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