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Rihanna and Chris Brown Back Again

Rihanna and Chris Brown Back Again
Rihanna experienced one of the most difficult chapters of her life a few days ago, the death of Rihanna’s grandmother ‘Dolly’. The singer has shown in her Twitter account that the loss left her devastated and sought refuge in alcohol.
Stop Driking Rihanna

The star went up to her social network a picture in which her face reflected great sadness while holding a bottle of an alcoholic beverage, along with a photograph of her grandmother apologized for her bad behavior.

Several celebrities have shown their support for the diva, but which has attracted most attention is her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. The rapper also advised the actress, through her social network, to stop drinking.

It is rumored that the former couple has spent much time together, several sources say they had a secret meeting at a restaurant in Los Angeles where they talked of moments that have passed since they said goodbye, and the singer said that they should leave aside the bitterness and forget the past. It seems that Rihanna and Chris Brown back again with the loss that diva has faced.

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