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Privacy Policy

Celebrity Alike do not share or sell the information of its subscribers to any advertiser or email marketer. Each member’s data is safe with and we just store very basic information in member’s profile, which include name/email. Once a member confirms his/her email, becomes registered member of Celebrity Alike.

For checking the traffic status we store the information of IP address and source of traffic. No other information is store in our server. Google analytics also store some information to keep us informed about the traffic status on Celebrity Alike. We use Google adsense and other networks for advertisement.

In the case Celebrity Alike provides links to third party, the responsibility to share your information with them rests with you. We always try to give links to the relevant websites, but we do not take any responsibility for the content published on third party websites.

Celebrity Alike reserves every right to change, revise and amend above mentioned privacy policy.

If you have any question regarding privacy policy, any news or article posted on our website you can Contact Us at []

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