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Photos of Barack Obama Re-Election

Obama Re-Election pics
Hours after his victory over Mitt Romney in the race for the presidential election, Barack Obama took the stage in Chicago to give a speech … Surrounded by his wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha, the president of the United States was particularly happy and excited.
His family has always been one of its greatest strengths, and it is with them that Barack Obama celebrated his victory a few hours ago in Chicago. Elected President of the United States against a combative Mitt Romney but will not take that weight, Barack Obama delivered a speech to thousands of supporters and is surrounded by his wife Michelle and their two daughters Malia and Sasha Democratic candidate wholes to thank those who supported him.
Happy with this victory, Barack Obama has not hesitated to be especially gentle with Michelle as it has always done in the four years of his first term. Personality particularly popular American First Lady has never relaxed its support to her husband, participating in the presidential campaign with him to the end.
If four years ago, Malia and Sasha were like children, two daughters Michelle and Barack Obama have changed. Transformed into adorable little teens, two beautiful dolls, almost as large as their mother and little makeup, which are mounted on stage in Chicago for the first speech of their father for his victory. “Sasha and Malia you are growing up before our eyes,” said Obama, adding “I’m proud of you.” They also have much to be proud of him …
Obama Re-Election pics
Obama Re-Election pics

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