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Perfect Bride for Kyane West

Still on a photo shoot, Kim Kardashian proves that it can also imitate the greatest when she poses for a photographer. Proof with this new shoot inspired by Diana Ross!

Kim Kardashian certainly has not done much at the top of her 31 years. Besides showing her ass on TV and in magazines, and manage her image as professional, you cannot see other talents. But when you discover this new series of photos that buxom bimbo has published on her official website, it must be acknowledged that perfectly imitates the big stars of music and film. At the beginning, she imitated the great actress Sophia Loren, and now she turns into Diana Ross for this new session.

Hair of the stars in her makeup, everything is obviously highly exaggerated. While it is customary to see more primed than ever, she has taken a new direction with these photos which are not really natural, it must be recognized. It is unclear whether one prefers to see more “natural” in a bikini on the beach, or completely transformed in these photos. But what after watching that video we want to end the post on a very interesting note the title of the post is Perfect Bride for Kyane West, is due to Kim finally got some curly hair to match Kyane, some dark skin with bigger lips.
Perfect Bride For Kyane West

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