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Nivea Cancelled Rihanna’s Agreement

Rihanna is too sexy for Nivea that is what Stefan Heidenreich believe so the CEO.  Rihanna is too sexy; she loves to flaunt her body in see through tops, drinks alcohol frequently, and loves to strip of as well. And Nivea is a trustworthy company that encourages family and friends. That is the reason why Stefan can’t understand why sexy Rihanna has been selected for Nivea. Therefore Nivea has cancelled its agreement with Rihanna.

Well Stefan may be you are right as we at Celebrity Alike keep posting Rihanna’s Gossip and Almost nude pictures we she party at some beach resort, but it is the mistake on your own part. You represent a company not the Rihanna, who is famous because she is an entertainer and sexy figure, whom we love to ogle.  Here we have selected some of the pictures which turn out to be the reason why Nivea Cancelled Rihanna’s Agreement.
Nude Rihanna
Nivea Cancelled Rihanna's Agreement
Stop Driking Rihanna

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