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My Open Legs: Madonna

The trend to show more skin than art is getting popular everyday. The singing sensations and glamorous ladies more often willing to show their good parties instead of mere good voice, performance. Now to grab the attention of the audience it has become a compulsory move to show one or more parts of body by trick, by slip or by will. Jennifer Lopez showed her nipple in her recent show while performing on the stage, ultimately the shaped news was not Jennifer Lopez performed brilliantly the news was Jennifer Lopez showed her nipple to audience. Offstage as well these singing sensation often help themselves in the media scene after revealing their bodies.

Lady Gaga is one of the most popular to follow her it is Rihanna, Lady Gaga who showed her thighs in public at Air Port, who shared totally nude pictures at her social network and wore little creatures instead of cloths on her body to advertise her perfume black.

Talking about Madonna who despite of getting older never hesitated to flashed her boobs or to open her legs. After we watched this picture we thought to give it a caption My Open Legs. It may be something like this Madonna she singing her new song open my legs well its all about how you imagine things here it the picture what is your version of imagination.
My Open Legs(Madonna)

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