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Movie Alike: Similar to Titanic


Today while surfing on the internet I gazed at an interesting thing. Let me share with you.  You all have seen the world famous Oscar award winner movie Titanic. Famous cover of movie featuring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio hand in hand compels many to copy it. And here is an instance. The second cover is from an Indian Movie called Mousam. Where you can see the actress wearing a back less dress same like Kate Winslet, hand in hand with the hero. But to replace the Big Ship Titanic, Mousam cover has an arrow plane. Although the stories of both movies are different therefore we cannot give it the title Movie alike. What is the the suitable title for the comparison? May be Similar to Titanic.
Wow It Look the same
But what do you think about this. A real time pose of Gemma and Arg. Well interesting once again similar to Titanic, hope that you have enjoyed this.
Gemma and Arg Similar to Titanic

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