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Miley Cyrus hates paparazzi

Miley Cyrus Hates Paparazzi
Miley Cyrus is one of the most famous stars of the moment, not for her race of doing little projects, but her recent commitment to her boyfriend Liam has put her in the news of every Media niche.

The singer has also starred in several scandals in recent days, including walking with very, very little clothing, sometimes topless or underwear and show a skeletal figure, so she has become easy prey for the photographers.  But there are limits and patience of Cyrus and came to yours. The young actress does not support further the siege of the cameras, as even to go to the corner store after her.

On her Twitter account issued its anger at the paparazzi, she said: “I hate the paparazzi with passion. Nasty pigs (no offense to pigs), “wrote very upset. It is not the first star is revealed against the mobbing of the lenses; certainly it is not easy being harassed all the time, but celebrities should realize that everyone’s eyes are on them and everyone wants to know about every step they take. What do you think Miley Cyrus hates paparazzi due to some logical reason?

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