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Lindsay Lohan White Bathing Beauty

Well its seems like Lindsay Lohan loves white, and we love to ogle when she is wearing something white and also when she is wearing nothing but white. Previously we published her pictures at Celebrity Alike when she was spotted after shopping at Beverly Hills. But that was not her style there were much cloths on her body.

But today it is Lindsay Lohan White Bathing Beauty reveals her body quite bravely and following her own style of wearing not too much. At Hollywood hotel Lindsay Lohan sheer front white dress reveals inside view of her top, her back and toned legs.

It was a complete photo gallery for an actress who has posed number of occasions during her bath to the camera. May be last time at Beverly Hills she was shopping for this time, to showcase her toned legs and back in white dress. Speaking more about the lady is waste of the words; these pictures are worth a thousand words. Take a look
Lindsay Lohan White Bating Beauty
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Lindsay Lohan White Bating Beauty.3
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