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Latest on Miley Cyrus:Miley Cyrus Enjoying her Engagement

Miley Cyrus Happily Engaged

The young actress is thrilled to be the future wife of Liam Hemsworth, who maintains a relationship for three years, “I love being compromised,” wrote the artist of 19 years.
Earlier Miley had left the social network of how excited she was with her new status.  As she very excitedly tweeted in reference to the ring holding in her hand, a 3.5-carat diamond from Neil Lane.
Apparently the popular actor asked his girlfriend’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, her hand, as tradition dictates. And in the bottom do not intend to marry immediately. “Both are mature and ready for this. Right now they are enjoying being engaged. No rush,” said a source close to the couple.
By the way, Jada Pinkett Smith has already given advice to Miley about to marry young, saying she should first build a strong friendship, “Learn to be friends, especially when you start so young,” She said. That is what we got latest on Miley Cyrus, Celebrity Alike brings updates about all celebrities, Latest News and Gossips.

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