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Lady Gaga Totally Nude Shooting in Lilliput

Lady Gaga Totally Nude
Lady Gaga known for her controversial outfits, as most recently spotted revealing her buttocks at LAX and wearing a see through bra. But this time is more than a see through or a sexy outfit. Lady Gaga wipes out all cloths to advertise her Perfume campaign. A famous website Telegraph rightly associated her poster with Gulliver. If she is acting like Gulliver, she must be in Lilliput to shoot the advertisement and poster. Where several small men riding on the different parts of her body, which is totally nude. Yes totally nude no cover cloths to cover. A naked man has no fear of rain and a naked woman has no fear of small men.

That is what Lady Gaga says on her Twitter account about the poster. “I will not lie, I’m a little nervous; it’s been a while since I want to share my work with you. I am so proud of Steeven who has hardly slept “. Well following is the particular poster, Where Lady Gaga Totally Nude posing for her perfume. And you too try to imagine if you have heard about Gulliver, that Lady Gaga Shooting in Lilliput.

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