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Kristen Stewart Sex with Rupert

The news of Kristen Stewart and Rupert intimate kissing picture spread like a wild fire in the Media. And we all have seen those alleged picture which later on accepted by Kristen Stewart as real after her confession of having an affair with Rupert. She apologized publically to her boyfriend Robert after the incident being divested after the event left the house shared by him and Kristen.

Well after all this drama what most of Kristen fans were searching for is some news about Kristen Stewart sex with Rupert. Well possibly it may happened after the intimate kissing, as we also have learnt the Kristen has been very protective for Rupert Sanders throughout on the sets of Snow White and The Huntsman. But what we feel personally, the matter has not gone so far because soon after the release of the picture Kristen Stewart confirms the reality of what happened very bluntly.  But she did not talk about any such intimate news which she can as a blunt lady. You’ll certainly get various rumors through Media in next few days, but don’t believe until you see the some near picture evidence of intimate dating or Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders or otherwise confirmed by the diva bluntly again.
Kristen Stewart Sex with Rupert

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