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Kristen Stewart Career in Danger

Kristen Stewart Career In Danger
Kristen Stewart Career in Danger after her cheats play with her boyfriend who is the center of public sympathy after she ditched him. The event not only concluded as a test for Rupert Sanders the director of “Snow white and Huntsman”, but also for Kristen Stewart who lost her lover Robert Pattinson.

And now perhaps her career is also in danger, first of all according to the sources Universal no longer wishes to make a sequel with Kristen Stewart, she is out of the sequel of the adventures of Snow White. According to a story published by LA Times, following the saga would be a spin-off centered on the character of the hunter, played by Chris Hemsworth. And maybe that Kristen could have a very small role, but her character is nevertheless essential to the conduct of the story.

Second and most important is she is losing her splendor in public after her affair established with Rupert Sanders. Robert has been received as a loyal hero of a love story by public and media since after the release of Kristen Stewart kissing pictures with Rupert Sanders. This is not the first role that is removed and it is now certain that her career will remain spoiled for a while by her scandalous love affair.

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