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Kristen Stewart Bad Girl

Kristen Stewart Seduction
Kristen Stewart bad girl that is what we think the suitable title is for that article. If we were watching some emotional drama or family movie, Kristen Stewart must be awarded with the same title in middle of the drama.  A girl who has cheated her boyfriend also seduced another man who already has children and wife.

After the statement of Rupert brother in law we are unable to interpret Kristen Stewart position. Liberty’s brother Ross told People Magazine that the affair between Kristen and Rupert does not happen just once but repeatedly. He defends his sister: “The relationship lasted half of the shoot (Snow White) to the post-production. It (Liberty Sanders) has made sacrifices for a relationship she thought was worth it. Five minutes from her home” he said “Doubt it was worth it but it’s life. It might actually make things better in long run; she wasn’t that happy for a while, but our family is close, she’ll be all right.

And we hope that Liberty will be all right soon and Kristen will return to her nice boyfriend Robert. Because this is how an emotional family drama should end happily. But again as Ross said” It’s Life…..

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