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Kiss of Year Number 32

Kiss of Year number 32
Kim Kardashian turned to 32. Kim Kardashian shared 32nd year kiss with Kyane West and we hope next year Kyane will share it again. Kim Kardashian turned 32 yesterday and to celebrate such an important date not organize a big party like many expected it, not spent this day with her inseparable family, the star chose to take a romantic vacation with her boyfriend Kanye West .
The famous young couple wandered through Italy, making stops in Rome, Florence and Venice, and stealing the attention of all tourists. In Venice took a gondola ride and socialite wore her curves in a white lace dress with long sleeves that could well be the bride, will already have marriage plans?
The entrepreneur and rapper showed their love at all times with hugs, kisses and never let go of their hand.
“I want to thank you all for the sweet birthday messages I received today in my blog, Twitter and Facebook. I feel blessed to have family, friends and fans who support me every day. I feel very loved.



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