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Kim Kardashian Violent

Kim Violent With Her Ex Husband

Kim Kardashian cannot leave a bundle she is involved in another, a source close to the brief marriage of the model and basketball player Kris Humhries reveals Kim Kardashian violent behavior with her ex-husband and hit him on several occasions and threw objects during their discussions.
The marriage of this controversial young couple did not last longer than 72 days and this was enough to make life nightmare, which is not over yet as there are legal disputes in progress.
This according to a source close to marriage: “she abused physically Kris. She was much worse behind the scenes, punched him in the chest and throwing objects.Yet it was Kim who since ended their relationship revealed that the athlete psychologically assaulted calling the fat and criticizing her ass. Many rumors have emerged after their separation, including possible infidelities that the TV star could have done with the help of her sister Kourtney, the truth will gradually coming to light.

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