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Katy Perry Single Again Officially

Katy Parry Single Again

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are officially divorced! The couple has been married only 14 months, is officially divorced from this weekend.

According to a statement of Katy, Russell was to blame for the breakup of her marriage, and has not seen enough, while she was on tour of California Dreams; Russell did not accompany her knowing how important it was for her.


When asked the singer about the absence of her husband, Katy replied: “Yes, if I could change it otherwise would, but that’s what it is.” She added: “I always had in my plans to make this album and go on tour. Touring is always important to me.

Katy Perry single again, that is the tag line for the guys out there in Media and around the lady to explore their chance.   Because with her eccentric personality and Assets we are sure that she will not remain alone very long and proposal of marriage shall soon approach to her.

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