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Katy Perry Leaves Show Business

Katy Perry Leaves Show Business

Katy Perry leaves the show business only for a while. Popular singer needs a respite from the intense pace of work that has followed the successful publication of her second album, ‘Teenage Dream’ and now wants to focus on emotional recovery after contentious divorce from comedian Russell Brand.
“I need rest and let my heart will heal gradually,” reveals one of the fragments of her first biographical documentary, ‘Part of Me’. The artist also acknowledges that the extensive promotional tour that started last year was one of the causes of wearing down of their marriage, which ended after only 14 months as married.

“For a modern woman must be clothed and loved, and must have a certain balance in all aspects of your life,” She adds. Katy admits he is still pondering the lessons of their experience of marriage, which has no regrets at all.
“Everybody asks me if I did something I regret, knowing that the obvious answer would be marriage.

It is actually one of the best lessons that life has given me a valuable lesson and could not be bought with money. What I learned from that experience I apply to my everyday life in all its facets, as well as to have become a very good material for my music, “She explains.

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