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Is Penelope Cruz pregnant?

Is Penelope Cruz Pregnant

Rumor has it that Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem might be expecting their second child after the actress wore a figure not so stylized presentation of her latest film by Woody Allen diriguida.

The star is characterized by having a slim body and a small waist used a Michael Kors dress tunic that favored her and revealed that it has increased a few pounds, which immediately sparked rumors of a possible pregnancy in various media communication.
Javier Bardem also sided with her for this information to take more strength for the presentation of his film ‘Children of the clouds’ said their children would live in a better world, referring to various media CHILDREN plural assured that the family will grow. Well there is confirmation on the behalf of some credible source yet about Is Penelope Cruz is pregnant really?

Penolope Cruz Pregnant

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