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Iron Man 3 Extras

Iron Man 3 Extras
Continue the shooting of ‘Iron Man 3′. It just opened the selection process for Iron man 3 extras ┬áin production directed by Shane Black. Some of which are explicitly women feel comfortable being lightly dressed for the cameras.

In over-all extra requirements are quite broad. ‘Iron Man 3 is no exception. Besides the usual “ordinary citizens” and those who transport “military” with great physical presence, we highlight one of the strangest requests; you are really not surprising if Tony Stark is involved.

“Women aged between 20 and 30. Of all ethnic groups (Middle East, Asia, India, Vietnam) that are in lightweight comfortable clothes. “

‘Iron Man 3′ will feature much of the process of filming in Chinese soil. Which occurs after the production agreement with an investment group of the Asian giant, and there will pass a substantial part of the argument.

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