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Hide Out for Robert Pannisten Broken Heart

Robert And Reese
Robert Pannisten is now days in news as media is covering each notable move of the young handsome Rob. Robert Pannisten Broken Heart has now taken refuge in the mansion of Reese Witherspoon. After he moved away from the hose he shared with her beloved Kristen Stewart. Robert and Reese became great friends during the recording of the film of “Water for Elephants”, and now as the handsome is going through vulnerable times may be the friend like Reese can console him even better. And may be the hide out would change itself from Reese Witherspoon’s Mansion to her arms.

There is another gossip that is being associated with Robert after the release of the controversial pictures of Kristen Stewart! “Robert has been crying since the publication of Kristen Stewart picture with Rupert Sanders. Several media circles are also suggesting that both Kristen and Robert cried after Kristen Stewart cheated Robert. But whatever the case is, Robert is staying in a luxurious house of another diva and here are some pictures of Reese Witherspoon house in which Robert is hiding out.
Reese Witherspoon Mansion
Robert And Reese

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