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Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling: LAX Lovers

Getting ready to head out of their hometown, Eva Mendes and her boyfriend Ryan Gosling were spotted catching a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA this afternoon (June 2).

The adorable couple stayed close together as they made their way through security while the gorgeous 38-year-old star sported a pair of bright neon green pants and a pair of big sunglasses.

In other news, fellow actor Channing Tatum is giving the 31-year-old star a run for his money and claiming that his kiss with Rachel McAdams in “The Vow” is better than Gosling and her kiss in “The Notebook.”

Tatum joked to MTV News saying, “”Aww, that’s not fair. They have rain. That’s completely not fair. Everything’s cooler in the rain.” Enjoy the pictures of Eva Mendes and beau Ryan Gosling at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA (June 2).

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