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Celebrity Skin: Rihanna White Bathing Suit

Rihanna White Bathing Suit
In Rihanna’s life it’s been a series of skinny poses and paparazzi right after the death of her grandmother and even before that, when she was willingly showing her nipples from a see through bra in the streets of NY. We think Rihanna is trying to absorb the shock by posing her skin and even topless. This time Rihanna has selected a white swimsuit to showcase her killer body with a style. Although Rihanna is not as skinny as she posed in the past but enough to ogle. Somebody luckier than us all witnessed the whole scene standing besides Rihanna. But the party is not only for the man standing at the yacht with Rihanna, we can peer inside by extending our imagination while gazing at the Pictures of Rihanna White Bathing Suit.
Rihanna Swimsuit Pics
Rihanna Tight Swimsuit

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