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Shaved Head of Lady Gaga

Another star who has shaved her hair and another weird act by Lady Gaga but not a big surprise as Lady Gaga keeps doing weird things.  Not forgetting some days earlier she shows her jumping boobs on web camera to her fans, also you can remember her sitting all nude at sofa and not but not the least her transparent pants which showed her butts to all at Los Angeles Air Port. The Mother Monster does not like ...

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What Kim is Doing?

Kim Kardashian back again drew the attention of the cameras by her appearance, and this time it is not about her big butts or sexy breast out of her cloths, but with the new color of her hair. The TV star left puzzled his Twitter followers after comment on your social network: "Guess what I'm doing," the statement accompanying a picture of a lock of blond hair. Believe it or not Kim is no longer the sexy br ...

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Miley Cyrus New Haircut

Miley Cyrus is quick in sharing all things with her fans at Twitter. Whether she is reading Playboy magazine and show her thin body, she knows how to grab the attention of fans through twitter. And now Miley Cyrus New Haircut has been published as soon as she cuts her hair. She is off the view that she is looking prettier than Miley Cyrus after that Haircut. And well yes! It is a nice change Miley, Liam wil ...

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Celebrity Hair Color, Lindsay Lohan Red Again

  Discussing celebrity hair color is something very exiting topic because it often changes like dresses. For example Lindsay Lohan is again red! After several trials of hair colors, starlet who recently posed with a gun in her mouth to Terry Richardson, has finally decided to accept her freckles and opted for her natural color! See Lindsay Lohan Hair with different colors by clicking the picture below. ...

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Katie Bob Haircut

Bob Haircut and Hollywood  Leaving behind her young, innocent appearance, Katie tried a style that never had seen. Katie Bob Haircut was one of the best decisions she could have made about her personal image. She is in news due to the divorce case between Katie and Tom Cruise.  Well speaking honestly Katie Holmes Bob Haircut look is my personal favorite. Who is your personal favorite when it comes to Bob Ha ...

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Shakira Bob Haircut

Bob Hair Cut and Hollywood The sexy Colombian dared to cut her long hair, caused tremendous shock but also showed courage and Looks beautiful! But could not take much time with this court because she ran for the extensions and again reverted to the old look. Well we loved Shakira bob haircut look and that is the reason why we have listed her in the series of Bob Haircut and Hollywood. Shakira may be one of ...

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Cameron Diaz Hairstyle

Bob Haircut and Hollywood  Cameron throughout her career has proven different hair styles; she also opted for the bob hair style with a light blonde. It looks spectacular! The volume and brightness in harmony with the dynamic personality of the actress. Here we have selected an impressive picture of that particular Cameron Diaz Hairstyle . In our series of Bob hair Cut and Hollywood we are giving a high ran ...

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Victoria Beckham Hair Style: Spring Haircut 2012

  Victoria Beckham Hair style It remains one of the hairstyles causing trend this spring, but now hairdressers are going to fill with customers asking for it after seeing that even the former Spice Girl and now designer, Victoria Beckham has also pointed to this trend. But is not the only famous wears this flattering bob haircut, there are serveral other celebrities having Bob Haircut. Bob Haircut and ...

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Avril Lavigne Half Shaved Hairstyle

A new style statement for those who are interested in half shaved hairstyle.Avril Lavigne shaves half her head. This look is so sudden! Why? April was seen in concert Skrillex, June 9 in Paris with the coconut half-shaved. ...

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