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Uncensored Yvonne Strahovski Dexter sex scene

Yvonne Strahovski had joined the cast of Showtime’s drama Dexter for seventh season. In the drama she is playing Hannah Mckay and in that particular scene she is getting hotter. Hannah is an independent and strong women and it depicts in the sex scene where Yvonne Strahovski is dominating her co-start. Hot blond is totally naked dominating the man from the frontal position but due to the cameraman you’ll re ...

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Lea Michele Skinny Glee

Lea Michele is currently shooting for another episode dedicated to Britney Spears for the series Glee. All one has to say is that Princess Lea is sexy! This is her alleged boyfriend to be happy, do not you Cory? Besides the actress, who plays Rachel Berry in the series, and director Ryan Murphy, give us a foretaste of what awaits us in September, with photos they have posted on Twitter. A teaser was also re ...

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