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Cameron Diaz Lesbian Sex Ideal Partners

Cameron Diaz Lesbian Ideal Partner
Cameron Diaz has been blunt in her very recent interview while talking about sex. Cameron Diaz suggests to do sex several times when you are in crisis. But her burning confessions did not end there, she said that there are no taboos on this issue and does not care much if you have to share a moment of intimacy with a man, woman or even single, “With men, women and single, I love sex, “he said.
The model also clarified that is not a lesbian but it is not against sexual diversity even dared to give some names of celebrities who are part of their hottest dreams: “I’m not a lesbian, but not contrary to it. Although my ideal woman should be beautiful but also intelligent. For example Heidi Klum, Katie Holmes and Julianne Moore, “Diaz said fearlessly. We admire Cameron Diaz Lesbian partner choices, and hope that the possible encounter will be sensual one.

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