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Bodyguard to protect Heidi Klum Nude Body

Heidi Klum Topless
The household workers and bodyguards of celebrities can make them popular whenever they want. We are putting three instances, first it was Jennifer Lopez who was blackmailed by her driver who wanted her to pay some money otherwise he will disclose her secretes. Second and the most viral news is Shakira’s porn video, and again employees of Shakira are behind all this controversy they claim that they have the sex tape.

And now its Heidi Klum bodyguard enjoys topless view of her Maa’m.  Well in the picture Heidi Klum is standing topless, at first place Martin Kristen lotioning her Heidi and in the second picture Heidi is repeating the same for her bodyguard. Martin well done for protecting Heidi Klum’s nude body, you are the best bodyguard. Bodyguard to protect Heidi Klum Nude Body is the perfect title for the story we think.


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